Call for Papers

The Academic Committee for AIIASC 2019 invites papers on the theme: Ascending India: Reflections on Global and Regional Dimensions

Some of the panel themes for the Convention are as follows:

01. India’s approaches to power in IR and the International System
02. The sources and watersheds in India’s foreign policy
03. International Law and India as a Responsible Power
04. India’s opportunities and challenges in the post-Cold War world
05. Indian State and globalization; India and the United States
06. India and China; How does Pakistan matter to ascending India?
07. The perspectives of South Asian neighbours on ascending India
08. India and Russia/Eurasia
09. India and European Union before and after Brexit
10. India and Africa: Security and Economic Cooperation
11. India and Central Asia
12. India and the Middle East
13. Look East and Look Act Policy in Practice
14. India and Latin America: Opportunities and Challenges
15. Evaluating strategic partnerships
16. India and World Trade and Economic Order
17. Non-Military and Military Technologies
18. Arms Control and Disarmament Issues
19. Initiative on Countering International Terrorism
20. India and Sustainable Development Goals
21. India and Climate Change
22. Promise of India’s soft power
23. India and regional cooperation
24. India and the United Nations
25. Recasting international political and financial Institutions

We invite papers under the aforementioned panels as well as entirely new panels and paper proposals that resonate with the overall theme of the convention. Paper proposals should be accompanied by a 400 word abstract and panel proposals by a 200 word description. If you want your paper to be considered under any of the above panels, kindly mention it at the time of submission. This is not required if you are proposing an entirely new panel or a paper proposal pertaining to the general theme of the conference rather than a specific panel. Participants may present no more than one paper. In case of joint papers, kindly specify the co-authors right at the outset while submitting the abstract.

The Academic Committee of AIIASC 2019 is no longer accepting panel proposals and abstracts of papers.

AIIASC 2019 host:

School of International Studies, JNU

Convention supported by: Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
Centre for WTO Studies (IIFT, New Delhi)
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi
JNU Jean Monnet Module
European Union